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Unwanted: Once a Social Butterfly

Do you ever feel out of place? I think we all did and some of us still do. Here’s another story made by me for you.

There was once a girl, a social butterfly who loves to talk. She excels in academics and even in sports. She has a lot of friends that she loves and love her back, well that’s what she thought.

When she grew older, things got a little colder. She realized that there are a lot of fake people around her. She asked herself why didn’t she notice any sooner.

One day the most cheerful girl was no where to be found. It was just a very shy maiden around. A lot of things changed when she realized that the people she loved, are the people who’d destroy her life.

She would now cry every night, thinking about what’s happening to her life. Her grades suddenly dropped, and she have done worse things other than that.

She started cutting her wrists every time she got home. She didn’t tell her family cause she doesn’t want them to be hurt. She felt nothing but pain not from the cuts, but pain caused from the people she once loved.

Ending her life once entered her mind, but she doesn’t want the others to be sad. Considering that it’s the biggest mistake in life. So she thought that she can still do other stuff.

But things just got worse to the point that her body couldn’t take it anymore. She wrote a letter with her hands shaking, it’s not any better. Then she just collapsed as the once beautiful butterfly whose wings got cut off and has chains holding her back, is now turning into a lifeless body whose laying at the ground.

Hi, I’m Arisu. Not that good at English but I try my best. I write about the things in my mind. I am hoping hat you’d enjoy it, thank you.